438: ARM Based Macs, Digital Minimalism, Podcast SEO, and Monetization on the Web

Chris & Dave talking SEO, advice for pushing scripts to the end of a page, digital minimalism, LinkedIn Recruiters, ARM based Mac computers, and web monetization.

248: AMP

224: Rapidfire 63

It’s time for another RapidFIRE episode where we answer your questions about developing for the web. This episode covers topics like developer convenience versus user satisfaction, coding ergonomically, PHP7 on HTTP/2, modern tools adding power but also complexiety, dealing with credit card fraud, an update on sitemaps, and SEO importance in mustache.js. Pew Pew Q […]

190: Rapidfire 53

Intro RAPIDFIRE 53 <pew!><pew!> Sass on remote servers, Dave’s rysnc workflow, styling tooltips, leveling up as quick as Dave and Chris, archiving annual sites, poor performance with JS, minimizing requests in WordPress, modernizing legacy CSS, SEO, and more! Q & A 3:40 I’ve never considered running Sass on the remote server – but is this […]

188: Rapidfire 52

Intro Rapidfire #52 includes questions about Jekyll, Team Foundation Server, server performance, design training, minimum touch size, cascade vs cascade, estimating projects and as usual – a whole lot more. Q & A 3:11 What can I get with Jekyll that is more superior? Is it just the ability to able to write in markdown? […]