245: Rapidfire 81

What’s the most performant way to do snowflakes on your website? ShopTalkShow Smackdown – margin-top vs padding-bottom! Normalize, sanitize, and resets. What’s up with jQuery? Can not using jQuery be slower? When do you use event modules? What should you mark up your pizza (site) with? Comment Bag No comments were pulled out of the […]


It’s time for another RAPIDFire episode where we answer your question on things like node modules, web browsers being unable to render webpages, is jQuery essential, annoying pop-ups, and spinning things up on Heroku. Q & A 2:20 I’m wondering how you handle your node-modules folder on a project by project basis? 6:30 What are […]

205: Rapidfire 55

This week we have another RAPIDFire episode digging way back into the question archive to answer questions about stolen SVGs, getting started writing for the web, dealing with small styles, the best library for DOM manipulation, and Dropbox Driven Development. Q & A 2:00 What could I do to make them understand that the web […]

172: With Tim Brown