417: RSS Feeds, MMO Games, DnD, and Custom Fields

We’re talking RSS feeds, Gemstone 4, MMO games, DnD, Jekyll vs Eleventy performance, email newsletters, Github and Microsoft, and strategies for dealing with Jamstack page jank.

194: With Drew McLellan

186: Dave Goes Windows!

Intro Dave has gone to Windows! And Chris has questions! Can you even develop websites on Windows? (Saved you a listen: Yes you can.) Listen to the internet’s favorite fart podcast! Links ShopTalk Show Dave Rupert.com gs.statcounter.com CrossBrowserTesting.com Git for Windows SCM Github Desktop for Windows Cygwin Chocolatey for Windows Atom Editor Using Subl Command […]

171: With Lara Schenck

Lara Schenck is an independent web consultant and educator in New York City. We talked about (roughly in order): Q & A: 31:57 Hi Lara! I know you work a lot with WordPress. What do you think of the new Layers Site Builder on Envato? 41:10 Hi Lara! It’s Ben, your brother. Hope you’re doing […]