220: Rapidfire 61

It’s RAPIDFIRE time. We’re answering your questions about things like certifications from courses, selling a downloadable file, EMS vs REMS, single page sites, static site generators, the best online forms, git branches, and icons fonts. Q & A 3:06 I’m curious as to what percentage of successful designer/developers actually take certifications or if they’re simply […]


RAPIDFIRE pew pew! We follow up on vertical rhythm with Tim Brown, talk data storage options on the web, charging for refactoring, A/B testing, and when to get a lawyer involved. Q & A 18:20 I was wondering what your specific thoughts were on MongoDB. 29:40 We’ve recently embarked on a department restructure, but the […]

211: Rapidfire 58

It’s a RAPIDFire episode – Chris and Dave answer your questions as quickly as they can before the gun goes off. Too many tools, comp sci vs programming, vertical rythym, version controlling WordPress, self-employment, div-itis, and mobile email client performance issues are just some (ok all) of the topics covered. Q & A 1:42 What […]

194: With Drew McLellan