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It’s RapidFIRE time. Your Q’s with our A’s like: Which CMS would you choose to handoff a new site to a client? What happens with fragile super-mega menus? What makes a web host fast or slow? What is Atomic CSS really? How should a massive form be built?

Q & A

  • 3:45 Are there competitively priced hosting option out there that works well for both traditional sites, which utilize PHP and MySQL, as well for Node-based web apps?
  • 14:12 Is it acceptable to reduce the technically accessible functionality of a complex mega dropdown wiz bang navigation?
  • 23:20 What are your thoughts on the functional/atomic css trend. I’m a huge fan of it but I know some people have their doubts.
  • 37:37 Is there any good solution for low key sites that still need to be managed by the client, without having all the extra bloat of a full blown CMS?
  • 51:35 I’m in charge of building an online mortgage application (a 1003 app) on the web to be responsive. It’s a gigantic form with plenty of error checking and form field validations. Any advice on handling such a mammoth task would be appreciated!


ShopTalk Show Law Declarations

  • 18:25 Coyier’s Law: If It Seems Fragile, It Is Fragile

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