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What’s the most performant way to do snowflakes on your website? ShopTalkShow Smackdown – margin-top vs padding-bottom! Normalize, sanitize, and resets. What’s up with jQuery? Can not using jQuery be slower? When do you use event modules? What should you mark up your pizza (site) with?

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Q & A

  • 4:07 I’ve been doing websites for a couple of years now but the thing I always find tricky is space handling (margin & padding). Do you have any recommendations on how to successfully organize CSS for spacing?
  • 13:12 I’m curious what your CSS reset file consists of? Do you include a CCS reset on top of your base rules?
  • 21:58 I personally work on some projects where Angular or Angular 2 is being used. Do you see jQuery making way for the JS frameworks or is this just a specific situation in which jQuery should not be used?
  • 26:44 Dave mentioned that taking jQuery off of a site actually made the site load slower.
  • 39:20 I am curious to hear about both of your experience with events modules. The concept seems really nice to me, but I’m not sure when is the right time to implement them. Should I get into a habit of using them?
  • 49:45 I have never seen mark up like this and was wondering what your thoughts are? div>header>section>footer*30
  • 1:06:09 I would appreciate your advice or tips on what to do, possibly what not to do, when applying for a job that’s a senior position at my company?


ShopTalk Show Law Declarations

  • 14:45 The Chris Coyier Reset

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