243: Rapidfire 79

RAPIDFire Q&A Miami style. But first, Dave introduces you to the ShopTalk Show comment bag. Fake news on Facebook, in-app browsers on iOS being different, Filezilla secure, and figuring out when to stop researching new technology and just build websites.

Comment Bag

  • 3:35 Webpack followup
  • 10:40 Load times less than 3 seconds on 3G
  • 17:40 Digging up old screenshots via wayback machine
  • 18:01 Typescript discussions
  • 22:07 Public APIs
  • 22:33 Jekyll / Static Site discussion
  • 23:33 3GJS Inspector
  • 23:50 Every CMS sucks. Craft a possible exception.

Q & A

  • 25:30 I’ve noticed that the in-app browsers for Twitter and Facebook often display websites differently than other mobile browsers. Have you ever experienced this issue?
  • 49:00 I’ve been using Filezilla for ftp for years and yesterday I read a story on slashdot that people who use it are having their passwords stolen and that there was a new version out called Filezilla secure.
  • 54:45 How do you draw the line when researching new technology, tools and features in Web Development?


ShopTalk Show Law Declarations

  • 56:50 The Rupert Solvable 4 Hour Chunk Philosophy (RSFHC for short?)

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