220: Rapidfire 61

It’s RAPIDFIRE time. We’re answering your questions about things like certifications from courses, selling a downloadable file, EMS vs REMS, single page sites, static site generators, the best online forms, git branches, and icons fonts.

Q & A

  • 3:06 I’m curious as to what percentage of successful designer/developers actually take certifications or if they’re simply self-taught to be awesome? Since you guys seem to be at the top of your game, your thoughts and your recommendations for certification courses?
  • 8:26 What service would you recommend for allowing people to pay to download a file?
  • 12:54 My question for you is EMS vs REMS which one should I be using?
  • 17:10 What’s the current best practices and thinking behind inlining CSS and JavaScript for single page sites (SPAs)? The goal would be to minimize http requests and have the page ultimately load faster.
  • 21:30 I am a big fan of static site generators. I have been hearing a lot about them. I have heard less, however, about flat-file CMS’s, but am curious about them. Have you tried any of them? What did you think?
  • 28:25 What are some services you recommend for online forms? Is there a better WordPress plugin? Or maybe a third party service that is easy to integrate?
  • 31:33 When should you delete git branches. Should you delete them right after the change/fix/added feature is merged with master?
  • 35:40 Is it a bad idea to add direct descendant selectors (>) when they are not needed?
  • 39:40 What are the most important items to include in a web audit for clients who aren’t web professionals?
  • 46:35 I am trying to target my links in my CSS but they are being overridden by a User Agent Stylesheet. Any advice and info would be much appreciated.
  • 52:25 Back when I used icon fonts, I could easily use icons in CSS in something like a ::before element simply by setting the font-family to the icon font and pasting the unicode icon in content:””. Is there a way to use these SVGs icons like that?



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