It’s time for another RAPIDFire episode where we answer your question on things like node modules, web browsers being unable to render webpages, is jQuery essential, annoying pop-ups, and spinning things up on Heroku.

Q & A

  • 2:20 I’m wondering how you handle your node-modules folder on a project by project basis?
  • 6:30 What are some outside forces that cause web browsers to not render their webpages properly?
  • 14:10 I’ve heard a lot of people say that jQuery isn’t as essential as it used to be. Is that true, and if so what are the new features of javascript that superseded the features of jquery?
  • 20:30 Can you talk about the exit intent bounce conversion thing? Is anyone else upset and annoyed by this, or am I alone?
  • 28:40 Have you ever used calc before and why was it okay to use then? When is it okay to use? In a general sense, when are most methods that won’t look right on older browsers okay to use?
  • 36:00 Do you guys have recommendations or exciting ideas that could be the topics of a thesis in these fields?
  • 42:44 I have a blog on coding, and I really like the way some blogs (like CSS-Tricks) displays code, as if it were from an IDE. Thoughts on how I go about doing something similar?
  • 49:30 I hear a lot about the Heroku service these days in web development, including a lot of devā€™s who talk about ā€œspinning up a Heroku instanceā€ for projects. Can you explain what the service is, and what the benefits are to web developers?



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