200: Rapidfire 54


We mouth blog a few thoughts on our episode 200: How we set up the site to live stream, the mice we use, podcast fame, using different font libraries, using a grid, encouraging empathy on the web, home servers, and self-teaching.

Q & A

  • 4:35 We really like how you have your site setup so people can listen live and talk about the podcast. I was hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction for doing something similar.
  • 12:27 How has podcast-fame changed your lives? Is it difficult to do things like shop for groceries with throngs of ravenous teenagers tearing at your clothes?
  • 15:12 Can you use two different font libraries at once?
  • 19:31 When using a grid system, is it better to separate the layout classes from the element you wish to style, or combine them to save on markup?
  • 25:15 What mouse do you use?
  • 30:00 Why does Chris end each show in a monotone voice?
  • 31:31 What are some of the ways we can support, apply, and encourage empathy in our relatively young community? What are the biggest issues we can focus on fixing as a community?
  • 39:00 What do you guys think about this new super duper awesome thing called PostCSS?
  • 47:38 UX is used to describe many different activities, what does UX mean to you in your design process?
  • 53:33 What do you think about making home servers for websites? Should I use a hosting company it should I build my own Linux server and install lamp on it?
  • 56:03 What are your thoughts on the increase in self-teaching among aspiring devs? Do you think this is a strength, weakness, or a bit of both, and why?



Braintree 50:50

Developers around the world have embraced the Braintree v­dot­zero SDK as the easiest way to add secure mobile payments to their apps and websites.

No matter what payment type, Braintree accepts it. Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal, Venom, credit cards, even Bitcoin. And if something new pops up, Braintree will support that too. It’s the same payment solution used by Uber, Airbnb, and GitHub, so you know it scales.

Integrating it into your app is as easy as inserting a few lines of code. Try out the sandbox and see for yourself.

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