199: A Look Back


We take this episode to reminisce and talk about how ShopTalk Show has grown up and changed over the 199 episodes. 140 guests! 53 RAPIDFIRES! 13 Crossover Episodes!

There have been quite a few amazing moments. Perhaps the best of which is how many people have agreed to be on this show. In the middle of weekdays, no less!

From Col. W.B. Standards to Paul’s Mom. From Earl Drudge and his evil ways to faking a show from 2004 to Alex King (RIP, sir, and thanks for everything). From little shows with just Dave & Chris to hundreds of people shouting “Just Build Websites!” to us on a stage. From panels full of bonafide geniuses to bookclubs to #hotdrama to Dave going Windows to bad developer jokes to endless sound effects… thanks for listening ❤️.



Braintree 30:00

Developers around the world have embraced the Braintree v­dot­zero SDK as the easiest way to add secure mobile payments to their apps and websites.

No matter what payment type, Braintree accepts it. Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal, Venom, credit cards, even Bitcoin. And if something new pops up, Braintree will support that too. It’s the same payment solution used by Uber, Airbnb, and GitHub, so you know it scales.

Integrating it into your app is as easy as inserting a few lines of code. Try out the sandbox and see for yourself.

MediaTemple 54:00

Thanks to MediaTemple not only for sponsoring the show, but for being our excellent web host since the beginning. We get a little nostalgic with them too, per the theme of this week’s episode. It was through Media Temple’s excellent interface that Chris first learned about web hosting and the powers we have as web designers and developers.

The Grid Service Media Temple offers is perhaps their most well-known, for it’s auto-scaling abilities and the fact you can host 100 sites on it. Most sites we host these days are on their Virtual Private Server hosting.

What you might not know (and you should!) is that Media Temple offers things like very affordable fully managed WordPress hosting, fully managed hosting on Amazon Web Services, and even fully managed dedicated servers.


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