186: Dave Goes Windows!


Dave has gone to Windows! And Chris has questions! Can you even develop websites on Windows? (Saved you a listen: Yes you can.) Listen to the internet’s favorite fart podcast!



Lynda.com 42:20

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Here’s some of the great courses that caught our eye as interesting for ShopTalk listeners: Localization for Developers, Apple watchOS 2 New Features, Illustrator CC Power Shortcuts, Amazon Web Services Data Services, and Up and Running with React.js.

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CSS Dev Conf * 1:03:42

It’s almost too late, but there’s still time to see one of the best web conferences of the year. CSS Dev Conf aboard The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Yes, the hotel is the ship is the venue: 3-in-1! Head to CSS Dev Conf dot-com now to register!

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